Have frequent sex if you want a strong love relationship

Have frequent sex if you want a strong love relationship

We tend to think that stable and loving couples have more sex than sporadic relationships and that, in fact, even the sexual act works better that way. Well, it’s not going to be! Sex without affection can turn out to be the most rewarding experience you have ever imagined, although many claim that sex is better when there is love. In any case, we turn it around and ask ourselves: is love better when there is sex?

Have frequent sex if you want a strong love relationshipSome studies indicate that, at least, more stable and lasting partners are achieved. And this has a chemical explanation: our brain produces oxytocin during arousal and orgasm. Studies affirm that this hormone stimulates contact between couples and that, thanks to sexual relations, its levels are maintained high, enhancing the romantic relationship, increasing the attractiveness of the couple and strengthening bonds that favour monogamy.

Oxytocin is the hormone known as ” that of love and attachment .” But it is not the only hormone involved in affection and sexuality. When we have an orgasm, there is a massive secretion of three neurotransmitters: oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, or in other words, bond, improved mood and joy .

In any case, sexual relations are not just chemistry, love is directly benefited by the intimacy that is created during the act. In addition to pleasure, it also mobilizes feelings and emotions. And it is that talking about “love” is still, currently, talking about one of the most difficult topics of all. Therefore, we leave you with some examples that explain much better the benefits that sex brings and you will understand how they can be directly related to romantic relationships.

  • Having sex relieves stress . Being close to our partner relaxes us, makes us have less anxiety and therefore improves stress. Being skin to skin with the other person, hugging, touching and kissing them makes us feel good, since in the meantime we are releasing a brain chemical that accelerates the pleasure centre. Sex also increases self-esteem and happiness, another good anti-stress recipe.
  • Sex helps you sleep better and, therefore, to be more rested and in a good mood. Orgasm releases the hormone prolactin, responsible for drowsiness and relaxation. For this reason, after a sexual encounter we can fall asleep more quickly than normal. Which will positively affect our mood the next day.

In addition, if you have sex frequently, you will inevitably be promoting an improvement in the quality of sex more and more noticeable , and the better the sex, the more pleasure you will feel and the more benefits your body will take on. Especially for women, intimate relationships create extra vaginal lubrication, increased blood flow, and improved elasticity.

Therefore, on a physical level and also on an emotional level, sex is an activity that will help us feel better on the outside and on the inside, with ourselves and with the person next to us. This translates, directly, into a better relationship, more rapport, more alive and, ultimately, happier.

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